Isco Tele-Westanar 3,5/135 for Alpa

Price: € 255,00 each Brand: AlpaAlpa

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isco-tele-westanar-3-5-135-for-alpa-1120a isco-tele-westanar-3-5-135-for-alpa-1120b isco-tele-westanar-3-5-135-for-alpa-1120c isco-tele-westanar-3-5-135-for-alpa-1120d

This very compact 135mm lens comes with the original hood. Here seen on a Alpa 9D. The camera is not included.
Only minor traces of use as the pictures clearly show.
Focusing ring and aperture ring are smooth.
Lens is extremely clear. No scratches, no cleaning marks, no fungus or haze.
Extremely rare lens.