Metal camera case for Rolleiflex 4x4

Price: € 825,00 each Brand: RolleiRollei

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metal-camera-case-for-rolleiflex-4x4-1425a metal-camera-case-for-rolleiflex-4x4-1425b metal-camera-case-for-rolleiflex-4x4-1425c metal-camera-case-for-rolleiflex-4x4-1425d metal-camera-case-for-rolleiflex-4x4-1425e metal-camera-case-for-rolleiflex-4x4-1425f metal-camera-case-for-rolleiflex-4x4-1425g

This extremely rare item has never been used and is almost as new. It is fully functional and comes with the original strap and gel tube. This is a top collectors item because of its rarity and the magnificent condition.

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