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What if my package gets lost ?

In the last five years I shipped appr. 1,700 packages outside Europe by Dutch Postal Services (DPS). In total 2 of them got lost (one to Singapore and one to the USA). In both cases the amount of the insurance was paid about 10 weeks after the package was sent. None of the shipments within the EU has ever been lost.

If a package has not been delivered after 3 weeks, I have to fill in a form at the post office. After that it will take a maximum of 2 months for the post office to investigate. You will be asked if the package has been delivered at your address by the postal service in your country. I will be informed  about the results of the investigation. If the package has not been located, payment of the insured amount will follow shortly after that. I will pass this payment immediately to you by crediting your PayPal or credit card account or by money transfer. Further more I will inform you about every stage of the investigation. As soon as I receive message from the post office, I will pass this to you.

If you decide not to insure the package, I will ship by registered mail. You will have to sign when delivered at your address. If a registered package gets lost, the post office will compensate US$ 45.00 if and when the investigation has terminated without result.

Occasionally shipments to the USA delay as a result of the tight security in this country.

When shipments by UPS or FedEx get lost or delayed, the procedure is about the same, but much faster.




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