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Whom am I dealing with ?

My name is Theo J. de Wit. I am the owner of the company Collectcamera.com.
I started this business about 5 years ago as one of the first Dutch companies that used the Internet to sell photo equipment to users and collectors. Since then appr. 2,500 customers are satisfied with my services.Here is my address, telphone number and other relevant information:
Alexander Verhuellstraat 6

6717 JB Ede
The Netherlands.
Telephone +31 318 479103
Fax +31 318 479720
Trade register Chamber of Commerce Centraal Gelderland (The Netherlands) 09132530
VAT registration NL 0721.56.855.B.01
Email info@collectcamera.com


My personal address is identical to the company address. On the map you will find the city of Ede near the city of Arnhem  in the middle part of the Netherlands. If you happen to be in the neighbourhood, you are welcome to visit me at my home address. I am the treasurer of the Dutch Photohistoric Society and member of the Leica Historica in Germany.

I buy and sell photographic equipment from and to users as well as collectors. I am specialized in Leica and Rollei 2-eye cameras.

I am a professional trader through the Internet and through photo shows in Europe (mostly Germany, France, England  and Belgium). You will find a lot of positive feedback from buyers on Ebay (username collectcamera.com).






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